With the help of our trusted, partner providers, Benefit Communication Specialists alleviates some of the headaches often associated with the enrollment process by providing employees with innovative enrollment solutions coupled with ongoing support and education. Each company has their preferred way of handling enrollment, so our team works with clients to create the most efficient plan that caters to the company’s specific needs and wants.


We ensure that the open enrollment programs our clients have in place give employees a sense of comfort and understanding about the benefits provided to them and their families. From one-on-one benefits consulting with new employees to call center support to just about any other setting, our team of experts can assist employees with applications, answer questions about benefit packages, collect enrollment data, and more. To further streamline the enrollment process, we also offer employees the option to contact a bilingual enrollment specialist for assistance or to enroll on their own with self enroll programs.


In addition to our live enrollment assistance, our cutting-edge enrollment technology takes the ease of enrollment to another level. Through our innovative software, employees log in to a secure online portal where they can enroll, access benefits summaries, contact representatives with any questions they may have, and more.