No matter the structure of the business or the complexity of its benefits plan, Benefit Communications Specialists has the technology that makes managing employee benefits a smooth, paperless process for both employers and employees. Since benefits administration and human resources go hand-in-hand, our customizable technology solutions allow for tasks from both departments to be managed in one place, ultimately optimizing a company’s benefits and HR process simultaneously.

For Employers

With our comprehensive benefits administration technology, employers can hand-pick the features they need most, whether that be onboarding solutions, vacation requests, online benefits elections, and beyond. HR administrators also have the ability to push out necessary forms for employees to sign through the system, and it is all logged and organized online through the software.

For Employees

As for employees, our benefits administration technology allows them to access their benefits anywhere, anytime in an employee portal. In the portal, employees can enroll in benefits, view and make changes to their benefits package, request time off, and more. New hires benefit from this software by having access to information they need regarding benefit carrier(s), termination, and other important onboarding documentation. Employees can also rest assured that their information remains private and secure in the portal.